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Clipping my Nose Hairs Easily

Philips Norelco NT9130Using the Norelco NT9110 for Nose Hair Trimming

After seeing the overall good reviews for the Norelco NT9110, I decided to get one. I’ve used a ton of the rotating head versions of nose hair clippers, all with spotty results and they take forever. This thing attacks nose hair like a great white shark. Awesome.

This trimmer has two heads, a cylindrical one and a flat side-burn-type trimmer head. There are plastic combs that snap onto the trimming heads to control the length of trimming for eyebrows and facial hair. I use it without a comb to get close trimming of nose hair and ear hair. It runs on one AA battery (included), and comes with a zippered fabric case that holds all the attachments and the trimmer itself. Good for keeping my facial hair neat and tidy.