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One of the best Shipping Scales I’ve ever purchased

One of the Best Shipping Scales I’ve ever PurchasedWeighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale

This scale is perfect for my needs. I use the Weighmax 2822-75LB postal shipping scale to calculate postage for my ebay packages and they are always accurate. It is very accurate as I have tested it against a couple of other smaller scales that I have. I needed something that would weigh heavier items. This one goes up to 75lbs. I’ve had no problems with it so far.

The only thing you have to remember is when you first turn it on, you need to wait 30 seconds before you can put something on it. I would recommend this scale for anybody who needs one to weigh large parcels. 

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Checkout this Heater I found on vacation

Elnur SH6M - 0.85Kw Storage HeaterCheckout the Elnur SH6M – 0.85Kw Storage Heater

I had the pleasure of visiting family in the UK and they had a heating unit that I had never seen before, a storage heater. Here is the one they the Elnur SH6M – 0.85Kw Storage Heater. This unit  was usedto heat a small room used as a study so that the gas central heating is not on all the time. It is plugged into a socket but uses small current so not a problem.

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My Awesome Jump Starter

Clore JNC660 'Jump-N-Carry'The Clore JNC660 ‘Jump-N-Carry’ – Best Jump Starter

If you can’t start your car or truck with the Clore JNC660 ‘Jump-N-Carry’, you have bigger problems than a dead battery! This unit is one of the most powerful portable jumper starters out there at 1700 peak amps. That’s almost twice as powerful as many other lower quality competitors.

This is not a “multipurpose” unit that you will find at the local big box store. It’s not an air compressor, radio, flashlight, food processor and battery jumper. It’s only a battery jumper, although it does have a “cigarette-lighter” style socket to power other items if needed.

This unit has been updated with a more sophisticated charging mechanism. You can just plug it in and walk away from it while it’s charging…and the unit will not allow itself to become overcharged. The original version didn’t have this feature.

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Clipping my Nose Hairs Easily

Philips Norelco NT9130Using the Norelco NT9110 for Nose Hair Trimming

After seeing the overall good reviews for the Norelco NT9110, I decided to get one. I’ve used a ton of the rotating head versions of nose hair clippers, all with spotty results and they take forever. This thing attacks nose hair like a great white shark. Awesome.

This trimmer has two heads, a cylindrical one and a flat side-burn-type trimmer head. There are plastic combs that snap onto the trimming heads to control the length of trimming for eyebrows and facial hair. I use it without a comb to get close trimming of nose hair and ear hair. It runs on one AA battery (included), and comes with a zippered fabric case that holds all the attachments and the trimmer itself. Good for keeping my facial hair neat and tidy.  

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My X-ACTO ProX Electric Pencil Sharpener

X-ACTO ProX Electric Pencil SharpenerMy X-ACTO ProX Electric Pencil Sharpener

I bought this X-ACTO ProX pencil sharpener 3 weeks  years ago and loved it right away. It sharpens pencils evenly and was fast. Although, it is a tad noisier than others but the others don’t sharpen as well.

When you see the blue light you know the pencil is sharpened. I use this sharpener everyday, and it is a workhorse! It is sturdy and heavy like its built to last a lifetime. A definite Heavy duty sharpener! in my humble opinion.

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Replacing my Bankers Lamp Shade

Green Glass Lamp Shade Replacement Bankers LampMy new Bankers Lamp Shade

This is just what I needed after my darling cat decided to climb on top of my banker’s lamp, knock it over and shatter the glass shade. Its been a challenge to find a suitable replacement and I had to do a lot of digging.

And when the replacement bankers lamp shade arrived it was an engineering challenge to replace the shade because one has to take the socket apart to get the old shade out and the new one in, but I managed to get it done. It fit perfectly and looks better than the the original. Good product.

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Using a Hot Towel Cabinet at Home

Hot Towel Warmer Cabinet 32LUsing a Hot Towel Cabinet at Home

I love my new Towel Warmer. It gets nice and hot and is easy to clean. However, the clinic where my wife works also has the same Hot Towel Cabi and they have had to send two back due to lack of heat. I hope min does not suffer the same fate. Just happy that mine works. 

I highly recommend this to anyone who gets a massage in your home or if you know reiki and want to add this to your program.

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My new Dremel Rotary Tool

My new Dremel Rotary ToolBlack & Decker RTX-B 3-Speed RTX Rotary Tool Kit

My Dremel 395 failed after about 5 years and I didn’t want a big kit full of accessories since I already had that from the Dremel. The longer you have one of these things around, the more you find yourself reaching for it to do all kinds of things, so I really missed it!

I bought the RTX because of the relatively low cost and its ability to accept the Dremel chuck# 4486. The design appears robust. The on switch at the top is really easy to use. I noticed the 2 Amp motor doesn’t bog down like the Dremels we also have. The only price you pay for the power is that it feels heavier. No overheating problems for us when running on the medium setting. Can’t beat the price either.

Advantage of Using an Oil Filled Radiator

Advantage of Using an Oil Filled Radiator

I was torn between getting an oil filled heater and an electric fire for my small office. After reading various articles I found that an oil filled radiator however has two main advantages over an electric fire.

  • It would be safer to use in an attic as there is no exposed hot element to cause a fire if positioned near combustible materials and
  • most units come with a built in thermostat to allow the heat output to be controlled, so I would go for the radiator. So I will be going for the oil filled heater.

The Benefits of Using an Ear Thermometer

TempIR ThermometerMy New Ear Thermometer

I used to have the Braun Thermoscan ear thermometer until my daughter wrecked it. I liked that thermometer, however, I did not like buying the ear cover pieces. Although the cover pieces were cheap, you can find the costs mount up over time. So, I wanted a thermometer model that I didn’t need to buy covers for. I found the TempIR Thermometer and read the reviews and I decided to give it a shot.

I have a chance to use it a couple of times and it reads temperatures fast, and I love how it had a back-light so you can see the temp in the dark. I would definitely recommend this product.